First step of the Journey

Oh my!  What have I done?  Enrolled to be an undergraduate student, again, is all!  It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, but then again I have been wanting to study a creative subject in depth for some years now!   I looked at a number of courses but the OCA Textiles courses really ‘spoke’ to me!

So where am I now?


I have read through my course materials

I have organised my Creativity Space

I have sharpened my pencils

I have read with interest and admiration a lot of OCA student blogs

I have made contact with my tutor

I have told friends and family what I am doing

I have given myself permission to spend up to 20 hours a week on my exercises and research

I have made a rough study plan/timetable ( and I mean ‘rough’)

I have set up a blog

I have thought- out and labelled some sketchbooks

I have completed a short drawing course to see if I still could..!  (more about this later)

I have taken two out of a series of 5 practical lessons in using a sewing machine (it’s been ….years!)

Sorted some of my photos into albums

What I need to do next:

Write my student profile and email it to my tutor

Buy some A3/A2 cartridge paper

Update the blog with the results of my drawing course

Add my recent texture photos to my blog

Start exercise 1!

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