Photos for inspiration

I wrote the following on 18th January but must have forgotten to hit the ‘publish’ button!  Just found it as a draft!  I’ll try again!

I have been reading and re-reading the course notes, getting my head round; what goes into a learning log; what goes into a sketchbook; the pros and cons of different sizes and types of said books. Initially I felt clear on what was required but now I am not so sure as it seems I will not be required to send everything back for feedback/assessment and so I may need to separate pages in my sketchbook. I already have some sketchbooks in my possession which I would love to make use of, before buying more (very expensive in Tokyo!) So far, I intend to post my learning log as a blog but also print out all written notes and stick into a hardback book, along with postcards, brochures from exhibitions and notes, research from books and internet. I have a book with black pages which I intend to keep everything in. I will also keep an A3 sketchbook which I will make myself, so it can be dismantled, reorganised etc if necessary. I may want to lay out my ideas from different pages at the same time, so this will facilitate that. I will keep all my sketching, collection of inspiring bits and pieces and ideas to develop in here. I have a very small watercolour sketchbook and a notebook which I carry around in my handbag. I also have a couple of A5 books which come apart and also have thicker paper and I plan to use this to put fabric samples in.

That’s the idea for now and I need to find some A3 paper and put together my sketchbook.

This morning I had another sewing lesson and now can make 5 different kinds of bag bottoms and 3 different pocket openings. I feel pleased with myself as sewing always terrifies the life out of me. I put it all down to a rather scary craft teacher in Primary School who used to shout if everything wasn’t perfect and I was frightened to make a mistake. This made my work so slow I only got round to making a shoebox dolls bed with pillow, mattress and duvet and frilly bit to go round the shoebox. I also made the doll to go in the bed (she was too big though). I embroidered her face, gave her long flowing locks and even made her a rather fetching waistcoat and elasticated skirt (all by hand). I never got onto the next project – a human-sized elasticated skirt machine-sewn and a lovely apron.

Coming back to coursework, I edited and printed out some photos onto 5×7 photo paper. They are inspiring me to start drawing – must go out and get the paper tomorrow!

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