Monthly Archives: February 2012

Samurai houses in Kanazawa

On a recent trip to Kanazawa, I visited the Samurai/Geisha area, where there were still some traditional Japanese buildings.  Japanese buildings are full of lines: vertical and horizontal and I am fascinated by them.  I took many photos in Kanazawa, many of which I feel can be used as the starting point for textile designs. […]

Mother’s Hands Exhibition in Kita-Kamakura

I was so lucky to get to this exhibition as it was only on for a few days and a friend-of-a-friend passed on the details. It was held in a wonderful old Japanese private house-turned museum and my friend and I a couple of hours there taking in the beautiful textiles and general ambience of […]

Tokyo International Great Quilt Fair – a report

This was my favourite piece of textile art at the Quilt Fair Research Point Is there a theme? The Quilt Fair is a huge exhibition of Textile Art – mostly Quilts and had a number of themes and categories.  There were categories for prizes e.g. best framed work.  There were other categories of Traditional Quilts, […]

Tokyo International Great Quilt Fair

I was very excited about visiting this fair but overall I was a little disappointed as the emphasis seemed to be on shopping for sewing supplies and exhibits of more traditional quilts rather than anything contemporary.  It was Craft-orientated rather than Art-orientated.  Having said that, I was drawn to several framed pieces, which really caught […]

Visit to Setagaya Boro-Ichi

Setagaya Boro-ichi is the oldest flea market in Tokyo and takes place on 15/16th December and 15/16th January every year. This market has taken place since 16th century and the name comes from the mid-Edo era when there was a flourishing trade of boro, or scraps of cloth, for patching farming clothes. This year I […]

Am I making progress?

Am I making any progress? Well it’s a few weeks since I last blogged and I need to reflect on what I’ve been doing and what I’ve achieved.  My sketchbook and other bits and pieces are there and ready but something is preventing me getting down to the assignment work. So… what have I been […]

Photos for inspiration

I wrote the following on 18th January but must have forgotten to hit the ‘publish’ button!  Just found it as a draft!  I’ll try again! I have been reading and re-reading the course notes, getting my head round; what goes into a learning log; what goes into a sketchbook; the pros and cons of different […]