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Assignment One A reflective commentary

I enjoyed both projects for Part one of the course, with project 2 involving learning some new skills, which slowed me down a bit. I loved doing all the exercises but know that I need to make more of an effort to keep a sketchbook going alongside the coursework.  So far most of the work […]


Project 2 A Review

Project 2 took me right out of my comfort zone as I had to learn (or relearn) all the stitches and so this part of the course took me a long time.  I did, however, enjoy all the exercises immensely and felt I was able to be creative in exploring ‘drawing with stitch’.  I did […]

Stage 6 Using thread and yarns to create textures

First task was to look through my drawings for texture, colour effects and proportions, looking for interesting texture and colour.  I chose my watercolor sketch inspired by a photo I had taken of some steps and rocks leading down to water.  I liked this piece as it had a range of colours, which appealed, and […]

Stage 5 Stitches to create texture

I was rather confused about the exercises in this stage and spent a lot of time reading and re-reading the manual/ I felt that I had already completed the relevant stitiching exercises in Stage 4 so in the end decided to practice my stitiches in working on some samples related to some of my drawings. […]

Stage 4 Preparing to create textures

This exercise asked us to try out a range of stitches which cover the surface of a fabric. As a beginner, I needed to practice these, using different threads. I chose a white cotton jersey background and a range of threads in shades of blue, black and cream. I later added some gold. I practiced […]

Stage 3 A Sample

For this exercise, we had to choose a drawing with strong linear qualities and I chose one of my drawings of the rusty boat and chose an area to isolate. I enlarged the photo and printed it out but found it easier to work from a smaller photo which was clearer.I looked at my samples […]

Stage 2 Exploring marks and lines through stitch techniques

Once I organised my threads, yarns etc, I was raring to go. I knew that this Project would take me out of my comfort zone as I have had very little experience of sewing, apart from learning a number of embroidery stitches at Primary school and a few craft projects as a teenager. Recently I […]

Project 2 Stage 1 Preparation

I was very excited about starting Stage 1 of Project 2 as I have been collecting fabrics, threads, buttons, ribbons, yarns etc, mostly from Flea markets since before Christmas and was eager to sort them into groupings. I decided to stick to colour family groupings: black, silver and grey; earth colours; white or neutral; greens, […]

Stage 4 Review of work so far

Stage 4 Review of work so far Have you ever thought about your drawing this way before? I have done a lot of work on mark-making before, particularly when working with Primary school children. I was teaching it rather than actually doing it so it was good for me to ‘get down to basics’ again! […]

My progress report

My Progress Report Well, I got very behind with my learning blog but that isn’t because I haven’t been working. On the contrary, I have been working very hard – just find it difficult to keep blogging though I know I must get myself into some kind of a routine. The last few days I […]