Experimenting with mark-making (Exercise 4)

Inspired by Pollock’s ‘Cut-out’, I proceeded to the next exercise. My plan was to try some of the different techniques together on one piece.

I covered a piece of cartridge paper with marks, using watercolour paints, gouache. I printed with an eraser, scratched into wet paint with a cocktail stick and used a variety of brushes, sticks and card to cover the paper. I then cut the paper into two and from each half, cut out a shape a person, to use for more work, using the shape as a stencil and as a mask. Using the stencil, I filled in the shape with layers of crayon and then scratched through the layers with lino cut tools to reveal the underlying colours.

I enjoyed trying out the different techniques even though I was not pleased with the end-result, which was not pleasing to my eye! I loved the Pollock work which looked child-like and naive but when I attempted to achieve a similar look, it was a mess. Still the end-result was not the important thing – I must keep reminding myself that I am experimenting!

These mark-making exercises are interesting to do and already I am seeing stitches in them.

I am looking forward to moving on now to Stage 3, but still want to try more techniques from Exercise 4.







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