More mark-making

Exercise 3 (cont)

Following my Pollock-inspired mark-making, mostly in black ink and silver pen, I used the same technique again but used a range of paints, pens and inks and tried some different techniques. As before, using a range of materials, including: brown paper; white papers; old envelopes; cellophane sweet wrappers; tissue paper; pieces of cardboard; silver paper; newspaper; kitchen roll and gold doily, I made a collage in my sketchbook.

I then tried out lots of different media and techniques to cover the collaged background with a range of marks. This process helped me to be more creative and the aim was to experiment with no ‘right or wrong’. I concentrated on the process rather than the end-result – which is new to me!

I used wax crayons, goache, felt pens, ink, gold pen and water colour couloured pencils. I printed with corks and bottle tops and tried some wax resist.

I continued on the same piece, this time thinking of words: fast, slow, hard, sharp, soft, delicate, bumpy, smooth, sensuous, sad and happy. I tried hard to feel each emotion and let the materials speak. This was hard at first but is easier to do.


Here are some close-ups of the mark-making:






I think some of these close-ups would lend themselves to development into stitch.

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