My progress report

My Progress Report

Well, I got very behind with my learning blog but that isn’t because I haven’t been working. On the contrary, I have been working very hard – just find it difficult to keep blogging though I know I must get myself into some kind of a routine.

The last few days I have tried to update my blog and still have a lot more to do….

So what have I been doing?

Well, I have been taking every opportunity to build up my knowledge and skills in any area of Textiles I come across. Living here in Tokyo, there is so much inspiration and I want to make the most of the time I have here.

Recently I visited a wonderful studio where I observed all aspects of Komon dyeing and took part in a workshop. The visit coincided in a wonderful festival, during which colourul dyed kimono fabrics are stretched out across the river. I took many many photos and will upload them soon.

Earlier this week, I visited a Kimono Museum in Ome, where I saw historical kimonos worn by the Imperial Royal Family and the Shogun. Again, more later……

I have also been working hard on assignment 1 but it has taken much longer than I thought and I don’t know whether I am doing too much or too little and I am just slow. I have completed nearly all the stitching exercises and must update the Learning Log with all the work I have done. My deadline for Assignment 1 is the end of March and I am hopeful that it will be on time. I am really eager to get onto the next part if the course, though I have enjoyed this first part so much…

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