Stage 3 A Sample

For this exercise, we had to choose a drawing with strong linear qualities and I chose one of my drawings of the rusty boat and chose an area to isolate. I enlarged the photo and printed it out but found it easier to work from a smaller photo which was clearer.I looked at my samples and thought a mixture of different thicknesses of thread would be appropriate and the use of chain stitch to chose stronger lines and running stitch for more delicate areas. I found it easy to think of textures but not mood or emotion. I wanted to reflect the feeling of fragility and peeling layers but couldn’t think of emotions in relation to this.

I did think this was a good opportunity to experiment with a background fabric and wanted to bond some different coloured papers to fabric to portray the layered look I was after. In order to show the different colours in the image, I chose some blue paper form a magazine, some red tissue paper, some green tissue paper, some brown aper and lastly some tea bag papers which I had dried out. I stuck down strips of these papers onto a piece of cream calico, using Bondaweb and then added a few more pieces of paper to emphasise the layers. Once these were applied I used a variety of threads in different colours and thicknesses, using chain, running, stem and back stitch. I enjoyed working on this sample and felt I was successful in expressing the feeling of the drawing (even if I couldn’t express the feeling in words!)



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