Stage 4 Review of work so far

Stage 4

Review of work so far

Have you ever thought about your drawing this way before?

I have done a lot of work on mark-making before, particularly when working with Primary school children. I was teaching it rather than actually doing it so it was good for me to ‘get down to basics’ again! It is a long time since I was a practitioner so these exercises were a great way for me to start drawing again.

Were you able to be inventive about the range of marks you made?

I think so. I found it easier once I switched off my brain and just let myself go. I had a lot of fun when I tried to work in the way young children work – immersed in the moment and just experimenting without fear of failure. I enjoyed expressing words as marks but whereas such as fast, slow, rough, hard etc came easily, I found it more difficult to express emotions such as sad and happy as marks.

Did you explore a wide range of media?

I used all the media I had at hand and feel I tried out a wide range but there is an ever-increasing list of media I plan to try out in the future.

Are you pleased with what you’ve done? Will it help you to approach drawing more confidently?

I am pleased with what I have done so far. I really enjoyed getting away from trying to do` representational close-observation drawing. Once I began to look at the parts rather than the whole, I was able to free myself. I am always fascinated my texture and take many photos of textures that interest me but working from my photos and creating drawings from them has been a great learning experience. Drawings I have done so far have been in private at home and I now need to gain the confidence to get out my sketchbook in public. I have a fear of people coming to have a look at what I am doing and being judgmental. My mother, an artist, has always carried a sketchbook with her and people always gather round to take a peek. She loves showing her work – I have yet to gain that kind of confidence!

Which exercise did you most enjoy? Why?

I enjoyed all the exercises but particularly Exercise 2. working from the image of the rusty boat. It was really interesting to take a small section and then make an equivalent to the texture using different media. I was hugely inspired and kept getting more ideas but had to reign myself and move on to Exercise 3. The collage piece I found particularly pleasing as I found this a perfect way to depict the layers of peeling paint.

Which media did you most enjoy working with? Why?

I really enjoyed working with black calligraphy ink, using a cocktail stick. I use this ink in my Japanese Calligraphy lessons and love the way it flows. Using a cocktail stick I was able to get a variety of marks and vary amount of ink to show heavy/light areas and vary the depth of colour. it is also possible to dilute the ink and it also work well combined with wax resist.

What other forms of mark-making could you try?

I would like to do a lot more printing with a greater variety of implements , particularly natural materials such as leaves and flowers. I would also like to experiment with image transfer techniques and stencilling. I have worked a lot with rubbings in the past and didn’t spend too much time on this for this assignment but am planning on doing a lot more outside as the weather improves.

How will these exercises enrich your textile work in the future?

These exercises have shown me how to develop what I see and what inspires me into drawings which could be developed further into designs for textile work. I recognise the importance of recording inspiring textures in a variety of ways, for future textile work and realise the value of keeping a sketchbook and camera with me at all times! I am beginning to consider how textures and the feelings they arouse can be represented in a variety of media and realise that there are many techniques to explore. I am looking forward to the next part of the course, when I can begin to explore stitch as a way of representing texture.

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