Assignment One A reflective commentary

I enjoyed both projects for Part one of the course, with project 2 involving learning some new skills, which slowed me down a bit.

I loved doing all the exercises but know that I need to make more of an effort to keep a sketchbook going alongside the coursework.  So far most of the work in my sketchbook is related to the exercises.  I am still nervous about sketching in public but I am determined to overcome this and start getting my sketchbook out.  I do use my camera a lot and have a huge collection of my own photos, which I find inspiring.  I have got into a habit of sketching from my photos rather than from life as my photos seem to have so much more in them that I can use.  I admit that I find it difficult to understand how sketching is preferable as I do spend a lot of time with my photos and get up very close, inspecting texture etc.  I do the same when sketching from my drawings and find that using a macro lens means that I can study the detail of my subjects.

I also find keeping a learning log rather tedious and this is something I need to work on – getting into the habit of jotting down my reflections more immediately.  I carry a small notebook around with me but keep forgetting to use it!  My plan is to jot down notes as I work, later writing them up into my online blog.  The online learning log is a great idea and I find it helps me organize my thoughts and plan my work.  I just need to compete it on a more regular basis!


Looking forward to part Two!

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  1. Hello, I’ve popped by from ABSPD. You’ve got some gorgeous images on your blog. (I came by a few days ago but was shy about stopping and saying hello!) I couldn’t make your other link work – the beautiful company one. It might have been my error though as I opened up tabs for all the blogs listed and my mac was gulping and spitting at the effort!
    Nice to see you here.

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