Project 2 A Review

Project 2 took me right out of my comfort zone as I had to learn (or relearn) all the stitches and so this part of the course took me a long time.  I did, however, enjoy all the exercises immensely and felt I was able to be creative in exploring ‘drawing with stitch’.  I did find some of the instructions confusing as it was not always clear what was asked for so in the end I just tried to do ‘a bit of everything’ without worrying too much!


I particularly enjoyed working on the two samples, using my photos/drawings as a starting point.  I very much look forward to trying out some techniques with a sewing machine as I only used hand-stitching for this project.  I need to work out how I can use my machine without lowering the feed dogs – as I don’t think I can with my machine!  I feel very inspired to go on to the next part of the course and look forward to further experimenting with stitch.

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