Stage 2 Colour perception

Stage 2 Colour perception

In my work as an Interiors Stylist, colour perception is always important when selecting accessories and soft furnishings and fascinates me!

Exercise 1

I carried out the exercises in the manual, cutting out little squares and observing how colour perception changes according to the background but to be honest, found them fairly boring.

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Exercise 2

I carried out the exercise with the grey squares, but although I understand the theory and the grey squares did indeed look slightly different, I couldn’t see any hint of the complementary colours in the grey squares.

I do understand however, that the same plate, bowl or vase can look very different, depending on the cloth or runner it sits on. Also when painting a room in more that one colour, for example a skirting board and a wall in different colours, it is amazing how different the same paint can look against different backgrounds.

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