Looking for shapes and drawing Exercise 1

Exercise 1

Using the viewing frame and the wrapping paper, I went on to complete several drawings, concentrating on different aspects of the marked off area.

First drawing: Firstly I did a simple sketch using black pen to show the surface textures. I concentrated on simple broken lines which I thought could later be used in a stitched interpretation.

Second drawing: Secondly I concentrated on colour blocks, using watercolour paints. I enjoyed mixing the colours.

Third drawing: Thirdly I looked at the shapes and drew a simple sketch showing th main shapes.  I then used this sketch to complete a simple collage with little attention to colour or texture. I would like to develop this in future exercises perhaps in a lino print.

These exercises were very useful, although initially I was concerned about my understanding of the task. As I worked through them, I realised how useful it is to break develop drawings in these different ways.

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