Stage 4 Developing design ideas

Stage 4 Developing design ideas

With my initial drawings in front of me, I redrew different parts of them onto a piece of A3 paper, in black ink. I kept going until I had filled the whole sheet with the shapes. I then added colour using watercolour pencils and black ink to add texture. As I drew, I experimented in putting the shapes together in different ways, changing angles and scale. I decided to use a mixture of blues and brown with the occasional use of red as a complementary colour.

I became quite carried away with this exercise and felt I was working in an intuitive way, without any particular end point in mind.

When I had gone as far as I could, I took some close up photos, which I printed out for use in further work, including cutting up the pieces and rearranging in different ways.

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In hindsight, I wish I had copied the piece before I added colour so I could experiment with different colour combinations – a lesson learned!

I really enjoyed this and would like to continue the exercise in collage and later in print and stitch.


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