Monthly Archives: October 2012

Looking for shapes and drawing Exercise 1

Exercise 1 Using the viewing frame and the wrapping paper, I went on to complete several drawings, concentrating on different aspects of the marked off area. First drawing: Firstly I did a simple sketch using black pen to show the surface textures. I concentrated on simple broken lines which I thought could later be used […]

Stage 2 Looking for shapes and drawing

Stage 2 Looking for shapes and drawing For these exercises, I chose a piece of wrapping paper which had some interesting motifs. I spent some time with a 5cm square viewing frame, investigating different arrangements. I chose four different views and then set about representing them in different ways. I used watercolour pencils and black […]

Stage 1 Introduction and preparation

Project 4 Developing design ideas Stage 1 Introduction and preparation The first exercise was about ‘making space move’. I arranged the squares as instructed to create different kinds of energy. The exercise was easy as it only involved following instructions but was a useful way of demonstrating how certain orderly arrangements of shapes are calm […]

Stage 5 Coloure…

Stage 5 Coloured stitches The next exercise took me out of my comfort zone again as it involved stitching. Using a black cotton background, I chose blue and red threads of varying thickness as well as some blue cord. I started off with some blue lines, fairly widely spaced. These lines looked almost invisible against […]

Stage 4 Colour moods and themes

Stage 4 Colour moods and themes I have been looking forward to this stage as my feelings and emotions are affected hugely by colour around me. I react quite strongly to various colour combinations and can feel quite upset by certain colour combinations which make me feel uncomfortable. I always carry a small camera around […]

Stage 3 Recording colours accurately

Stage 3 Recording colours accurately I really enjoyed the following exercises and chose to use acrylic gouache and watercolour paints. Exercise 1 First of all, I completed a colour circle in acrylic gouache creating a border around a piece of A3 paper. I used the three primary colours only and from these mixed the secondary […]

Stage 2 Colour perception

Stage 2 Colour perception In my work as an Interiors Stylist, colour perception is always important when selecting accessories and soft furnishings and fascinates me! Exercise 1 I carried out the exercises in the manual, cutting out little squares and observing how colour perception changes according to the background but to be honest, found them […]