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Stage 5 Coloure…

Stage 5 Coloured stitches The next exercise took me out of my comfort zone again as it involved stitching. Using a black cotton background, I chose blue and red threads of varying thickness as well as some blue cord. I started off with some blue lines, fairly widely spaced. These lines looked almost invisible against […]


Stage 4 Colour moods and themes

Stage 4 Colour moods and themes I have been looking forward to this stage as my feelings and emotions are affected hugely by colour around me. I react quite strongly to various colour combinations and can feel quite upset by certain colour combinations which make me feel uncomfortable. I always carry a small camera around […]

Stage 3 Recording colours accurately

Stage 3 Recording colours accurately I really enjoyed the following exercises and chose to use acrylic gouache and watercolour paints. Exercise 1 First of all, I completed a colour circle in acrylic gouache creating a border around a piece of A3 paper. I used the three primary colours only and from these mixed the secondary […]

Stage 2 Colour perception

Stage 2 Colour perception In my work as an Interiors Stylist, colour perception is always important when selecting accessories and soft furnishings and fascinates me! Exercise 1 I carried out the exercises in the manual, cutting out little squares and observing how colour perception changes according to the background but to be honest, found them […]

Stage 1 Introduction and preparation

Stage 1 Introduction and preparation I have worked a lot in the past with colour circles and now feel confident working intuitively but for the purposes of this exercise, I made a simple colour circle using just the three primary colours in watercolour. I practised mixing together gouache, acrylics, watercolour and pastels but didn’t spend […]

Project 3 Colour

Project 3 Colour   I started the Colour exercises with enthusiasm as I have a passion for colour. Over the years, as a Primary School Teacher, specialising in Art, Craft and Display and later during Interior Design Studies, my work as an Interiors Stylist and as an Interior Design lecturer, Colour and Colour Psychology has […]

Tutor Report Assignment 1

Overall Comments Your work for this assignment indicates that you have made good links between, expressive mark making and interpreting surface qualities through stitch. The selection of a range of images to work from suggests that you already have a good level of visual awareness as well as an understanding of design and compositional skills. […]