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Assignment 2 – A Reflective Commentary

Assignment Two – It’s been a love/hate relationship fraught with: guilt for not completing sooner; uncertainly about whether I was on the right track or not; frustration with not always having the right materials/equipment at the right time and  anxiety due to all the above.  I did, however, love all the practical work and enjoyed experimenting […]

Project 5 – A Review

Project 5 went on forever!  I started it in June and completed in September whilst at Preniac!  I had lots of drawings that I thought would work well in print and my initial selection worked well in lino cut.  I did not, however, feel inspired to continue working with them into a final piece and […]

Project 5 Painting and Printing Stage 3 (cont)

During the last two days at Preniac, we were encouraged to develop our ideas from our sketches and experiments with printing and painting.  I decided to concentrate on the visit to Cahors as I was fascinated by the buildings there, the iron railings and balconies, and fading painted signs, overlaid with contemporary graffiti.  I used […]

‘Flavours of France’ with Gwen Hedley at Studio Preniac

I had hoped to complete Assignment Two before I returned to UK in July but it was really hectic so I took the materials I could with me to England and then France.  Whilst on holiday I was inspired hugely by the French markets and scenery and took lots of photographs which I have added […]

Project 5 painting and printing Stage 2 Selecting your design ideas

Having experimented with some printing techniques, I took a look through my sketchbooks for some drawings to develop into print.  I selected four drawings. I wondered whether I could combine some of these designs into a sample and as I really wanted to work with lino cuts and felt this would be a good technique […]

Experiments with printing and painting Stage 2 Experimenting with techniques

I have been really looking forward to getting to this stage and having sought out and bought a very inviting range of art materials, various paints and materials am eager to about try out a variety of techniques.  I have done some basic printing when attending courses as a Primary Art coordinator and always enjoyed […]

Stage 6 Combining textures and colour effects

Oops – I missed out this stage, intending to go back to it and then completely forgot.  I did have a go at the time at french knots and found it difficult and extremely time-consuming, got bored and wanted to move onto the next project. I did, however, gain a renewed interest in french knots […]