A new blogging start

Having finished all the practical exercises, some weeks ago, I have completely neglected ‘My Creative Journey’ since January and question whether this is the best way of completing my learning log for OCA.  I really like the idea of having everything in one place and do keep separate notes of my work, collections of photos, posters, brochures etc but still have not developed a method of routinely writing and uploading everything onto my blog.

I have given this much thought and have decided to continue with the online learning log but to set aside time every week to update it with any visits, photos, artist research etc that I have done in the week, working from my notes as I go.

First however, I have to transfer all my notes, photos etc from Assignment 3 so I can send in my work to my tutor.  I have a massive backlog of material I would like to add to my learning log for my own reference mainly and I will keep adding to this every week – in addition to updating with any new visits, workshops etc.

Since January, I have regularly been attending workshops in Shibori, Katazome and Indigo – and have some wonderful photos to show.  In addition, I have been taking classes in Sumi-e which I absolutely love and I will be posting some photos of my progress so far.  I have been doing an online course with Jude Hill which is giving me new perspective on Embroidery and Patchwork.  I have visited some Japanese craftsmen in their studios, visited a number of inspiring exhibitions and done considerable Artist Research and research for the two Research Points.  I have been having a wonderful time and learned so much.  Now, however, as I am on a course which is to be assessed, I must provide the evidence of all this activity!

First I will complete my learning log writing up my notes from all the exercises and write up the Research Point essays, then I will continue to write up all the other stuff, for however long it takes.  I have decided that I will not start the practical exercises for Assignment 3 until I am completely up-to-date.  I must remember that I am doing this course for personal enjoyment and enrichment and if I get distracted on the way with other textile/art courses and activities, then so-be-it.  I really must stop stressing myself about this learning log and just get on with it……..

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