Stage 3 Applied Fabric Techniques – Applique

There were a few techniques I wanted to try and I started off with making some small samples using layers of white fabrics.  Inspired by Jude Hill ‘s online course, ‘What if Diaries” and the ‘Whispering White’ section, I basted a variety of white and cream fabrics together and then appliquéd different shapes, providing a contrast of textures. I tried applique with edges folded under; reverse appliqué; applique with edges frayed; woven pieces basted onto cloth:



I  decided to try some applique, inspired by a photo of some leaves floating in water. I practised sketching the leaves and then did a small paper collage. I chose a piece of my dyed cotton which lent itself well to a watery image. I then cut out some leaf shapes from different fabrics and stitched them onto the background using some different stitches. I was pleased with the result which I thought captured the feel of the solid leaves floating on the water.

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