Stage 3 Applied Fabric Techniques – Bondaweb

I was very happy to discover Bondaweb which seems to have numerous applications.  Here are the results of some of my experimentations:

1. I first experimented with pieces of plastic bag.  I was interested to see if the heat from the iron would melt the plastic a little, in addition to the Bondaweb and was pleased with the resulting texture.

2. I then tried bonding layers of sweet wrappers and newspaper onto cotton.  I was delighted with the resulting effect as some of the sweet wrappers melted, again creating interesting textures.  I added some chain stitch using gold thread.

3. Using Bondaweb, I trapped snippets of thread and fabric scraps between a bottom cotton layer and a top layer of organza.  The organza melted a little – it is important to closely watch the heat as this wasn’t the effect I was after!

4. Lastly, I stuck some fabric scraps onto cotton with Bondaweb and then basted a piece of cotton scrim over the top.  I pulled some of the threads out to reveal the coloured fabrics beneath.

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