Stage 4 Raised and structured surface textures – Final Sample

Having tried out lots of interesting techniques and had fun on the way, I was disappointed with the last exercise, which did not inspire me one bit.  We were asked to use a pain piece of fabric approximately 30 cm square, preferably calico and then work with this piece of fabric to allow shapes and textures to emerge.  we were not allowed to attach other pieces to it.  Well that was my understanding anyway!

I cut out a piece of white calico measuring 30cm square and having decided to use my cave photo as my starting point, proceeded to gather the fabric in a shibori way and pulled the threads tight.  I kept going, gathering the fabric in wavy lines in all directions, trying to emulate the wavy crevasses which create shadows in the rock.  Eventually I ended up with a dense piece of gathered fabric which I quite liked.  I stuck it down onto a white cloth to which I then added some stitching to extend the lines created by the folds and gathers.  Out of all the work produced for this assignment, this is the one I least enjoyed and feel most unsatisfied with.  I am not sure whether I answered the brief and look forward to some feedback from my tutor.


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