Monthly Archives: May 2013

Stage 3 Final Sample

Deciding to further develop my work inspired by the photo of the leaves on the grill, I thought of doing a big piece, using the Mokuba Free lace I have been saving.  I wanted to include the mesh over the grille in some way and decided that the scale would be all wrong if I […]

Stage 3 Applied Fabric Techniques – Felting

Last year I attended the Knit and Stitch Show and booked myself into a number of workshops in readiness for Part 3 of the module.  I was keen to have a go at some different methods of felting.  At one of the workshops I did some wet-felting; applying scraps of paper; threads; fabric; wool and […]

Stage 3 Applied Fabric Techniques – Mokuba Free Lace

I first discovered ‘Mokuba Free Lace’ last year in Tokyo and thought it looked interesting.  There were some beautiful lacy scarves on display next to the product but I couldn’t read the instructions as they were in Japanese!  i bought the Free lace anyway. Getting it home, I looked up the product on the Internet […]

Stage 3 Applied Fabric Techniques – Bondaweb

I was very happy to discover Bondaweb which seems to have numerous applications.  Here are the results of some of my experimentations: 1. I first experimented with pieces of plastic bag.  I was interested to see if the heat from the iron would melt the plastic a little, in addition to the Bondaweb and was […]

Stage 3 Applied Fabric Techniques – Tyvek

I had read about Tyvek and watched some videos demonstrating its use, by Kim Tittichai. I also read ‘Layered Textiles’ by Kim Tittichai and was inspired to have a go.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Tyvek in Tokyo and having read that padded envelopes are sometimes made of Tyvek, I tried to heat some of these, […]

Stage 3 Applied Fabric Techniques – Applique

There were a few techniques I wanted to try and I started off with making some small samples using layers of white fabrics.  Inspired by Jude Hill ‘s online course, ‘What if Diaries” and the ‘Whispering White’ section, I basted a variety of white and cream fabrics together and then appliquéd different shapes, providing a […]

Stage 3 Applied fabric techniques – Inspired by Jude Hill, a Sashiko workshop and a workshop with Gwen Hedley

This Stage asks us to try out lots of different techniques used to apply fabric pieces and I was really looking forward to trying out some techniques for the first time. I have worked with patchwork, piecing fabrics together using applique and then quilting in the past.  More recently I have been subscribing to Jude […]