Analysing colour, texture and proportion

Analysing colour, texture and proportion 

To start off with, we were asked to analyse how colour and texture have been composed in a painting or other image.  I chose a painting by my mother Mari I’Anson which I have always admired.  It is an acrylic painting of a rural scene in Spain with rich vivid colours and textures depicting the rugged landscape. 

The colours of the photo do not accurately reflect the colours but the sky was a mix of blues and brown cloud formations, painted in a way which portrays stormy weather on its way.  The fields are vivid orange with trees casting shadows.  The trees are painted in a range of tones which give them solidity.

Firstly I used aquarell watercolour pencils to try to match the colours, blending the colours with water.  I was fairly pleased with the results but it was difficult to match the vividness of the colours as the watercolours were too wishy washy.  I repeated the exercise with Ecoline liquid watercolours and was more successful in blending the colours but still the colours were not strong enough.  In retrospect, it would have been better to have used acrylics.
I enjoyed selecting yarns to match the colours but soon found that this was even more difficult.  I feel I was fairly successful in working out the relevant proportions of colour but with a limited selection of yarns it was tricky colour-matching.  I tried to select appropriate textures and was pleased with the knobbly yarn I selected for the grass and the finer, smoother yarns for the sky.
I chose a photograph for my second colour-matching exercise.  It was a photos of an apartment block which I chose as I thought it would be interesting (and a challenge) to attempt to colour match the many tones and shades of blue. 
IMG 0979
I framed off a slice of the photo which helped me see the different colours easier.
IMG 0980
I used Ecolone liquid watercolours again for the colour-matching and they lent themselves to this better that in the last exercise but it was difficult to alive some of the deeper tones.
IMG 0981
For the windings, I selected a range of tapestry yarns as well as more textured yarns, finding it difficult to match all the different tones, although I was fairly pleased with the end result.
IMG 0983

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