Part Four Textile Structures

Introduction to Textile Structures

Looking around my home, I am reminded of places visited all around the world as I collect textiles, baskets and rugs from my travels but I have never really studied them closely until now. We were asked to try to identify how furnishings, household articles and clothing have been constricted and it was an interesting exercise to examine the structure of these items.


I have never been very good at knitting or crochet and weaving is new to me so I face this part of the course with some trepidation, knowing I will have to experiment with various techniques and learn and practise new skills.  My only experience in weaving, apart from playing with a toy loom as a child was a few months ago when I had the opportunity to weave a small piece of waffle weave on a huge loom with lots of peddles. It was really scary and I made lots of mistakes as a moment’s lapse in concentration resulted in me mixing up the peddle order.  Still, the satisfaction of achieving a small piece of waffle cloth was amazing.  I also had a go with a back strap loom but again found the intense concentration required, tiring. Looking through the course notes, the basic weaving techniques required look manageable.

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