Stage 2 Exercise 3

Stage 2 Exercise 3
First of all, I selected some twigs which were interesting shapes and formed a shape a bit like the Spinnaker Tower when combined.  I joined them together with twine at the ends and then wound twine around them to form a warp.  My intention was to then weave various pieces of fabric and natural materials through them.  I started with some twigs which needed up making the twine very tight and it was difficult to weave anything else through.  I left this piece as it was as I quite liked its simplicity but I will go back and make some other pieces like this with more varied materials.
IMG 0892

IMG 0893

Next, I used some construction pieces from my son’s old toys.  We are in the process of moving so I just had to use what was available! I bound the joins with string and then wrapped yarn to cover the plastic. These was very time-consuming!  I then wound string vertically and horizontally to create a grid, through which I wove pieces of string and ribbon.

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