Experimenting with creating 3D Forms

Experimenting with 3D Forms

Here are some 3D structures I experimented with:

Firstly, I wrapped some rice in a plastic bag and covered with cling film.  Then I  tied twine across it, using Soumak knots to change direction, building up the structure.  Then I covered the piece in three layers of diluted PVA glue, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next.  The ball was left overnight to dry.  When dry, I carefully cut into the plastic bag to remove the rice and then pulled out the cling film.  Unfortunately, the cling film didn’t want to come out so I ended up leaving it in.  I would like to have another go at this, making more of an effort to keep the glue on the string rather than all over the cling film as well.

IMG 0924

Here are some bowls I made by making cords by twisting legs of old tights and zig zag stitching over them.  I then coiled the cord into the bowl again using zig zag stitch.

IMG 0841

IMG 0842

These were made in the same way but were made from strips of cotton jersey from an old dress.  The stitching was awful but this is something I would like to try again using different materials and coloured threads.

IMG 0845

IMG 0846

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