Notes on Project 8

Notes on Project 8

Did you enjoy inventing constructed surfaces? Were you surprised at the results?

I did enjoy inventing constructed surfaces, especially the work I did at the workshop with Louise Baldwin, which gave me lots of ideas to develop. I was surprised at the variety of textiles that could be constricted using frames and grids and further possibilities, using soluble fabric. I worked on quite small scale frames but would like to experiment further on a larger scale and with more adventurous materials, such as wire.  I would also like to develop some 3D structures.

Can you see a connection between your choice of materials and the types of structures you made – regular, irregular, small or large scale?

I prefer working with natural materials and found it interesting starting with a natural form for my inspiration. I found it satisfying creating shapes from driftwood and interlacing with items found on the beach.  Natural materials lend themselves to irregular forms, with plastic and metal being suited to more regular forms.

Which samples worked best – and why?

I really enjoyed making the grids by stitching onto string to form the flexible shapes, although the instructions were to make rigid grids.  Using stitch wasn’t mentioned in the module notes but I can see that quite interesting networks could be created by building up the stitching. Other materials could be added to the stitching for a more textured result.  The various grids could also be joined together and even manipulated into a 3D piece of work.

How accurate were you in matching all the colours in your postcard:

with paints?

I found it quite easy to mix the colours and felt I was able to be fairly accurate in my colour matching.

with yarns/other materials?

It was more tricky colour matching with yarns and other materials, when texture became another factor. Although `I found the yarn wrapping enjoyable, I found it hard to colour match accurately and concentrated more on the texture and feel of the wrapping.

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