Notes on Project 9

Notes on Project 9

Did you have enough variety in your collection of yarns and other materials? Which kind of yarns, etc., did you use most? How do their characteristics affect the look and feel of each sample?  

I had quite a good variety of yarns and other materials, including a lovely range of naturally dyed tapestry yarns,  I did, however, find that I prefer working with more textured yarns and particularly with strips of old fabrics.  I have some Japanese balls of old strips of vintage cotton which I loved using but didn’t want to use too much as they are very valuable to me (even though i bought them for this module!)  I loved the more rustic , rough look of the weaving in preference to the smooth effect of weaving with tapestry yarns.

How did you find the weaving in comparison to the other techniques you’ve tried? Did you find it slow or too limiting?  

I found the weaving slow and laboured at times and was a lot happier when weaving in a more intuitive way.  The planning with the grid paper was tedious for me as i could see what I wanted to do and just wanted to get on with it.  Although, I coloured squares on a grid, i didn’t look at it when weaving as i found that the proportions were all wrong once I started and i was able to adapt as i went along to create the required effect.

How do you feel about your finished sample? Are you happy with the relationship of the textures, proportions, colour and pattern to the finished size? Is there any part that you would want to change? If so, try to identify exactly how and why you would want to change it.  

I was pleased with the result of Sample 1 as it turned out as planned.  Without trying to copy the image, the end result looked quite close to the painting, in terms of the textures, proportions, colour and pattern but I didn’t like the dotted white line as it looked too regular.  I would change that part, making the white dashes more spasmodic.  I was very happy with sample 2 as I achieved the effect i wanted and i really enjoyed working on it – i could have continued for hours.  If I could change anything, I would have inserted some card shapes to create shaped pieces and left parts of the warp bare.

Was there any stage in the whole design process that you felt went wrong? How would you tackle this process differently another time?  

I didn’t exactly follow instructions, particularly for sample 2 as having spent a one time creating my storyboard and wrappings I wanted to work directly from them and didn’t feel i needed to plan out on paper the form and sequence in which I intended to work.  i just wanted to start weaving!  If had more time, i would experiment with some more ideas.

Which did you enjoy more – working from the source material or putting colours together intuitively? Why?  

I particularly enjoyed putting the storyboard together, probably as I am used to working from concept boards in my Interior Design work. it is a natural way for me to work

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