Stage 3 Experimenting with different materials

Stage 3 Experimenting with different materials 

For the next piece, I chose a range of materials to experiment with and decided to warp the frame up with paper string as I like the texture and wanted a more ‘rustic’ look to the piece.  Fabrics chosen to weave with included strip of cotton fabrics, tapestry yearn, some knobbly wool, cotton yarn, raffia, various braids and some hemp yarn.

I included some of the techniques practised in the previous exercise: Soumak, Ghiordes knots and Curved wefts:

IMG 0945

IMG 0946

IMG 0947

IMG 0948

IMG 0952

IMG 0953

IMG 0954

I was pleased with the end-result after the many hours it took to complete the weaving!

IMG 0944

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