Stage 4 Developing design ideas into Weaving 1

Sample 1

For this sample, I selected a very simple painting of Mount Fuji which I bought in Tokyo, just before I left.  I was attracted by the simple shapes and range of colours which captured the essence of Fuji and was very keen on using it as inspiration for a tapestry weaving.

IMG 0816



















I selected some yarns for the mountain and the lake and sky and made my first wrapping:

IMG 0955























I wasn’t satisfied with the colours and decided to try mixing some of the tapestry yarns to achieve a graduation of colour.  The second wrapping helped me to select yarns closer to what I wanted to achieve in the tapestry and I felt that the proportions were more accurate.

IMG 0956
























Mixing the tapestry threads helped me to active a graduation of colour for the lake.

I added in some white threads for contrast but should have made them less regular.

IMG 0967


















Curved wefts and Ghiordes Knot:

IMG 0968



















The finished tapestry:

IMG 0966

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