Theme Book – Japanese Textiles

Theme Book so far….

I have been consistently adding to my Theme Book, collecting and collating information, photos, brochures and postcards relating to my theme of Japanese Textiles over the last few months.  Recently I started putting all the material in some sort of order and started sticking down images.  It became clear that some strands were developing and my interests seemed to converge in some areas.

My plan is to develop some ideas inspired by japanese motifs using sumi-e and calligraphy techniques.  I have been working on some shibori pieces using indigo dye and am interested in cutting them up to rearrange and stitch together, using sashiko stitching.  My idea is to make a patchwork drawstring bag, inspired by japanese tea bags.

Here are some of the pages from my collection so far:

Kimono Designs:

IMG 0985

The Tea Ceremony:

IMG 0986

Wabi Sabi:

IMG 0987

Ainu Exhibition at the Folk Craft Museum:

IMG 0988


IMG 0989

Japanese Folk Textiles:

IMG 0991


IMG 0992

Kakishibu Dyeing

IMG 0993


IMG 0996

Kasuri Weaving:

IMG 0997

IMG 0998

Japanese Bags:

IMG 0999

Japanese mark-making:

IMG 1000


IMG 1001

Japanese Aesthetic:

IMG 1002

Inspirational Textile Artists:

IMG 1003

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