A Reflective Commentary of Assignment four

A Reflective Commentary of Assignment four

I attempted this assignment during a particularly stressful time, relocating back to UK from Japan.  For much of the last few months I was between homes, with all my worldly goods either in storage or in transit, so I had limited access to a studio or materials.  I was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of two courses which gave me confidence, as well as somewhere to work.  The course with Louise Baldwin gave lots of ideas and opportunities to try out new techniques in creating structures and networks.  I enjoyed being in a studio with other participants and seeing what they were doing and getting feedback on my work.  I also found the course with Philip Sanderson at West Dean Colege very helpful as it took away my apprehension about weaving.  I though it would be far more complicated but watching the techniques being demonstrated and then being able to practise them immediately was very helpful.

I really enjoyed each stage of this assignment and it has made me much more aware of how textiles and woven items are constructed.  I can see many applications for the techniques I experimented with and would like to practice more weaving, using a variety of materials.

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