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Experimenting with creating 3D Forms

Experimenting with 3D Forms Here are some 3D structures I experimented with: Firstly, I wrapped some rice in a plastic bag and covered with cling film.  Then I  tied twine across it, using Soumak knots to change direction, building up the structure.  Then I covered the piece in three layers of diluted PVA glue, allowing […]

Stage 2 Exercise 4

Stage 2 Exercise 4 For this exercise, we were asked to make a grid using rigid materials.  Still in the middle of relocating from Japan to UK, I had to use whatever I could find!  I again decided to use use plastic construction toys to form my rigid grid, binding them with string and then […]

Stage 2 Exercise 3

Stage 2 Exercise 3 First of all, I selected some twigs which were interesting shapes and formed a shape a bit like the Spinnaker Tower when combined.  I joined them together with twine at the ends and then wound twine around them to form a warp.  My intention was to then weave various pieces of […]

Stage 2 Exercise 2

Making braids Braiding has never been ‘my thing’, I even struggled plaiting my daughter’s hair when she was little and french plaits have always been beyond me.  I did, recently have a go at Japanese Kumihimo braiding and found it very relaxing and even quite meditative, once I got the hang of it. I had […]

Stage 2 Exercise 1

Paper weaving As an introduction to weaving I did several paper weavings. Using a variety of papers. I added ribbon to the last one.  i can see that there are numerous variations on this but felt that I understood the concept and was eager to move on! This was something I did with my Infant […]

Stage 2 Experimenting with structures

Textiles Workshop at Preniac with Louise Baldwin This part of the module was designed to help us to understand and appreciate the construction of a textile surface by experimenting with simple structures.  I was really pleased that I was able to take part in a week’s workshop with Textile Artist/Teacher Louise Baldwin, which gave me […]

Analysing colour, texture and proportion

Analysing colour, texture and proportion  To start off with, we were asked to analyse how colour and texture have been composed in a painting or other image.  I chose a painting by my mother Mari I’Anson which I have always admired.  It is an acrylic painting of a rural scene in Spain with rich vivid […]

Part Four Textile Structures

Introduction to Textile Structures Looking around my home, I am reminded of places visited all around the world as I collect textiles, baskets and rugs from my travels but I have never really studied them closely until now. We were asked to try to identify how furnishings, household articles and clothing have been constricted and […]

Tutor Report Assignment 3

Tutor Report The project work you have completed shows the extent to which you are beginning to recognize the development of a personal style and a particular way of working and you clearly recognize this from the entries in your learning log. There is a clear link between work in your sketchbook and the identification […]