A Reflective Commentary

A Reflective Commentary

I have really enjoyed working for this final assignment.  I feel that I have drawn on past projects and design processes in forming and reformulating my design ideas for my final piece.  I was able to collate lots of information about Japanese textiles which enabled me to put together a theme book which was useful when I tried to narrow down the project to something manageable.

Although frustrated at running out of time in completing the bag, this is something I can and will complete at a later stage.  I am pleased with the final piece as it it shows a simple Japanese aesthetic, references a number of techniques and has the feel of vintage textiles.  It shows evidence of lives lived but I have made new marks on it.  I can recognise the value in spending time on the creative process, which is the most beneficial part of the course as I have a tendency to rush into making things without spending the time on developing the designs first.

Looking through the theme book, I can appreciate the value of keeping source material for future projects.  The Japan theme book will provide inspiration for future projects as I have lots of other ideas which I would like to follow through.  My work on developing textiles based on traditional Japanese techniques has provided me with a yearning to continue my studies in greater depth as I have only sampled  the various techniques. I intend to continue experimenting with shibori techniques and develop further designs for katazome stencils.  In the future, I would like to develop these designs into interior textiles.

Overall, I have struggled with deadlines and keeping to a set working timetable but I have had a number of major life events which have impeded my progress over the last year, including the sudden death of my father, my children being sent away to boarding school and the resulting travel backwards and forwards to settle them in. More recently, my family move from Japan back to UK and the resulting difficulty of working with all my materials in storage or transit and then in boxes to be unpacked.  In the next year, I hope to move into a semi-permanent home with a place to work and will then be able to allocated regular time to my studies.  Despite this, I am satisfied that I have made progress, learned a lot and have developed what I suspect will be a lifelong passion for textiles.

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