Starting Printmaking 1 and organising Blog

After a bit of a break from OCA, I enrolled in Printmaking 1 last July but have only just really got started on the module due to lots of travel and renovation work overseas during the Summer.  That’s not to say I haven’t been researching, buying books, sketching, taking photos, visiting exhibitions etc – my Creative Journey continues whether I am actively attending to the assignments or not!

I have been spending a lot of time on my various websites and blogs and this has led me to attending to my much-neglected ‘My Creative Journey’ blog. We were asked, as part of our preparation for Part One to look for other printmaking student blogs. There were far fewer than for my previous module but the ones I found were interesting to read and I was amazed at how they all progressed through the printmaking module. I was interested to see how the students had organised their blogs, the themes used and how easy they were to navigate. They varied considerably  but those I found easiest were those whose posts were relatively short, with the ability to collapse them, with clear categories and easy to find menus.  When I looked at my own blog previously used for my first menu, I realised that my present theme had none of these qualities so I set about trying to organise the blog better to make it easier for myself and my tutor plus anyone else interested enough to look at it!

I have recently updated my other blog, with a new theme so decided with renewed confidence to do the same with I researched a number of new themes but couldn’t find out how to make the posts collapsable. I did another search for OCA learning blogs and found one which seemed much clearer than most and the posts had to be opened out individually which made things a lot easier to find. It was a WordPress theme called ‘Origin’. I previewed the theme with my blog and decided to go ahead and try it out.  It is a lot clearer and the only problem is that all my previous posts from my last module have changed so that the photos and text are organised differently and look a bit jumbled. At least the content is still there so I don’t think it is a huge problem – what matters now is my current module. The other problem is the existing category names – I don’t want the posts from the two modules to get mixed up so I am making those categories names relating to the current module different from the previous ones. I have labelled the Assignment categories with the subject area from the contents page in the manual e.g. Assignment One Monoprints and other categories such as ‘Research’ or ‘Visits….’ will all begin with P1  e.g. P1 Sketchbook. Hope this will makes things easier!


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