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Printmaking 1 Part 1 Research Point Contemporary Printmakers who rely heavily on texture in the prints

We were asked to find some contemporary printmakers who rely heavily on texture in their prints. I really enjoyed research a variety of printmakers and it was interesting to read through their artists’ statements and descriptions of their techniques and process. Here are a selection of printmakers I looked at with links to their websites: […]


Printmaking 1 Part1 Research Point – Backdrawing

We were asked to find some printmaking artists who use back drawing. I was already aware that Degas had used trace monotype in the 1890’s transferring his drawings by tracing them onto thin transparent paper but initially I found it hard to find other artists using this technique.  I googled the term ‘back drawing’ but […]

Printmaking 1 Part 1 Project 3 Backdrawing

Back-drawing is where a design is impressed on the back of the paper, after it has been laid over an inked printing plate.  Here is a back-drawing of the washing line in my garden.                                       And here […]

Printmaking 1 part 1 Project 3 – Variations using masks and multi-colours

  This section was all about experimenting with masks, layers of colours, painted printing plates etc. To start off I experimented with layering colours using the same mask. First of all I overprinted a positive mask in a different colour and then overprinted with the negative mask in a third colour.         […]

Printmaking 1 Part 1 Project 3 Two Coloured Masked Monoprints

In this project, we were asked to continue to use the masks from the previous section to make a two-coloured print. Eager to move on to the two-coloured masked monoprints, I soon realised that I should have taken more notice of the printing set-up requirements as I did not have two printing plates of the […]

Printmaking 1 Part 1 Project 2 Positive and Negative Masked Monoprints – Taking the print to paper

I decided to start out with black acrylic paint, with the addition of some medium. I had cut the templates to fit an A5 piece of paper. The printing plate was a little longer but I thought I could mask off the bit I wasn’t using.                   […]

Printmaking 1 Part 1 Research Point Matisse

Matisse’s ‘Blue Nudes’ Matisse found it increasingly difficult to paint from the early 1940s and following an operation when he was confined to a wheelchair, he gave up a painting and concentrated on cutouts. He cut out large shapes from paper painted according to his instructions by his assistants. The shapes were then fixed to […]

Printmaking 1 Part 1 Project 2 Positive and Negative masked Monoprints – The Design

Finding a Design This project involved creating a design which works well as both a positive and a negative shape.  When studying shibori textile dyeing in Japan, my teacher was very keen that his students thought carefully about the negative and well as the positive space when designing the shibori patterns. I took great interest […]

Printmaking 1 Part 1 Research Point Degas

For this research point, we were asked to take a look at monoprints by Degas and write about how have they been achieved and how successful they are. I started off by doing some internet research on Degas. I was most familiar with his pastels, paintings, drawings of ballet dancers but was less familiar with his […]

Printmaking 1 Part 1 Project 1 Painted Monoprint from Life

Having worked with some abstract paintings on the printing plate, we were now asked to make an image, starting with some sketches of two contrasting objects. I chose a little still-life comprising of a cast metal seated figurine and a tall wooden vase, which I thought would offer contrast.  I drew some sketches and then […]