Printmaking 1 Part 1 Project 2 Positive and Negative Masked Monoprints – Taking the print to paper

I decided to start out with black acrylic paint, with the addition of some medium. I had cut the templates to fit an A5 piece of paper. The printing plate was a little longer but I thought I could mask off the bit I wasn’t using.

IMG 2589

IMG 2590

























IMG 2591























Not a good idea as you can see from the first prints I pulled!

The problem was worse when applying the positive mask. I didn’t read the manual properly and used the same colour oops!

IMG 2586

IMG 2587

IMG 2588















































I preferred the third prints, once the masks had been removed but this  ‘print run’ taught me to use the correct size template for plate. I recut the template and cut three more templates to fit the acrylic plate.

IMG 2592

IMG 2593

























IMG 2594

IMG 2595


























IMG 2596

IMG 2597

























IMG 2598


































This set of prints was better in terms of fit but I wasn’t happy with the ink which still stuck to the mask. Also I realised that the plate would be a problem later on as later on I will need to ensure a white border when printing and the acrylic plate was too long. For my next printing run, I decided to use my gelli printing plate which was a better size and would be a more practical shape for the paper I had on hand. So I recut my template on a different size paper. I also decided to use the block printing ink I had used previously.


IMG 2599

IMG 2600
































Apart from the obvious mistake I made, forgetting to reverse the template, the ink was really difficult to roll out onto the gelli plate as it would not go on smoothly and I had to keep going over and over it.  When I pulled the print it was too thick and had no texture at all. I pulled several more prints and found some interesting results as what appeared like a snowflake effect appeared on the paper. This became more pronounced on the third print and I really liked the effect when I removed the mask and pulled a final print although it was rather pale.

IMG 2601

IMG 2604

























IMG 2602























I then applied the positive mask and pulled the first print. It was at this stage I realised that I hadn’t reversed the template so I printed again with the negative mask.

IMG 2603

IMG 2607

























IMG 2608

IMG 2609t





































The ink was working better as was going on more evenly but I no longer got the interesting ‘snowflake’ effect!

I carried on practicing my technique but found that every print was unpredictable and different.  I suppose that was makes monoprinting exciting!

Here are some prints I liked but probably wouldn’t be able to repeat!

IMG 2615

IMG 2624


IMG 2620























IMG 2621

IMG 2616






















































I found overall that the masks produced prints that worked well in both positive and negative forms. I plan to repeat the process with the other designs I produced at a later stage. I am getting used to the printing inks and adding just a little medium helps the consistency.


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