Printmaking 1 Part 1 Project 3 Two Coloured Masked Monoprints

In this project, we were asked to continue to use the masks from the previous section to make a two-coloured print. Eager to move on to the two-coloured masked monoprints, I soon realised that I should have taken more notice of the printing set-up requirements as I did not have two printing plates of the same size. I decided to continue with the gelli plate and simply wash it between prints, inconvenient but the only solution I could come up with!

In the notes, we are asked to take care when lining up the edges of the mask to avoid overlapping edges when printing. We are then told not to worry if the two layers do not line up. I did take care and my layers did not line up exactly. Here are my first two attempts. It was trickier than I expected lining up from the top edge and then lowering so everything lines up all the way down. The first attempt was more accurate and I liked the white shadow so I will persevere. We were warned about the mask stretching and this appears to have happened in the print below.

IMG 2626

IMG 2627































I decided to continue practicing the two-coloured masked mono prints with some new masks and looked through my sketchbook for some inspiration.

IMG 2700

















I chose a 50s inspired leaf shape and made a black and white cut out to test the positive/negative shape, which i decided would work well as a mask.


IMG 2701

IMG 2676

IMG 2677
































I had trouble again lining up the prints but  I like the overlapping!

I then decided to experiment with a figure mask and selected a cutout of a Sri Lankan dancer I had made.


IMG 2702

















IMG 2704


Getting more confident with the printing process, I decided to practice with a greater range of papers and was keen to test some Japanese paper which had a rough texture. |the ink did not take smoothly but I felt this worked with the shape to create the look of a fabric print.

IMG 2696

IMG 2698

































One comment

  1. Great to see the prints here. It is obvious you are becoming more confident at this stage. I particularly like the 50’s inspired leaf print. and the use of complementary colour .

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