Printmaking 1 part 1 Project 3 – Variations using masks and multi-colours


This section was all about experimenting with masks, layers of colours, painted printing plates etc. To start off I experimented with layering colours using the same mask. First of all I overprinted a positive mask in a different colour and then overprinted with the negative mask in a third colour.


IMG 2712

























I liked the effect of this.

I experimented with different masks, here I used a piece of paper paced at an angle to create interest at the corners.

IMG 2678


























I also overprinted ghost prints to create multicoloured backgrounds.

IMG 2680

IMG 2690



























Here I rotated the masks to get mirror prints

IMG 2682

IMG 2685


























IMG 2718



























The next stage was to explore the possibilities of texturing the ink surface to add a further dimension to the final print. I had great fun with this.

Here are some of the initial textures I created by impressing various items into the ink:

IMG 2719


















IMG 2720

IMG 2721

























IMG 2723



























Next I used a combination of textured ink and masks:

IMG 3248

IMG 3249


























IMG 2708




















IMG 2726




















IMG 2741

IMG 2739


























Next we were asked to make a print depicting a landscape or townscape. I decided on a townscape. I did this in layers with rollers and masks, texturing the ink with bubble wrap.I can see the possibilities to take this forward which I will do in the next section.

IMG 2744



















 Lastly we were asked to create a design directly on the printing plate using a cotton bud to wipe away the ink. On the second print I used some torn pieces of paper to create a mask. I then overprinted onto a ghost print. Other variations are using the masks in a collage.


IMG 2826

IMG 2823

























IMG 2824IMG 2822

























Here are some more experiments with a cotton bud!

IMG 2580

IMG 2582

























IMG 2583



















IMG 2581



















IMG 2584




















I am looking forward to using a variety of these techniques in the next section where i will work on producing four completed final monoprints.



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