Printmaking 1 Part 1 Research Point Contemporary Printmakers who rely heavily on texture in the prints

We were asked to find some contemporary printmakers who rely heavily on texture in their prints. I really enjoyed research a variety of printmakers and it was interesting to read through their artists’ statements and descriptions of their techniques and process. Here are a selection of printmakers I looked at with links to their websites:


Hilly van Eerten

Hilly van Eerten layers monotypes into collages to produce richly textured backgrounds, over which she applies masks, before overprinting to create cityscapes. She uses photographs with closeups of brickwork, signs, graffiti  etc to give an urban grunge effect. Her prints are bold and effective.

Anne Moore

Anne Moore produces monotypes with lots of texture, colour and layers. She carries out multiple runs to achieve a rich layering of colour, incorporating interesting papers and linocut elements. she seems to use various stamps to add text as well as imprints of various materials. In some of her pieces there is evidence of back drawing, wiping off and the use of masks to add further layering.

Helen Baines

Helen Baines produces screen prints which are richly textured. She uses a variety of textures through mark making. She is interested in the relationship between natural and manmade and many of there textures seem to relate to natural forms.

Liz Perry

Liz Perry is a printmaker and painter who produces brightly coloured and richly textured works . For her monotypes, she uses different sized rollers first to lay down colour on the plate and then draws into them. She rolls over painted masks and then takes off the masks before printing again. She combines media: watercolour over inked collagraph; encaustic wax over print and collage over monotype to achieved richly textured works. Liz Perry explains her mono printing process clearly on her website. I am going to have a go at painting my masks first before laying them down on the inked plate, to achieve more colours in my prints.

Lynn Bailey

Lynn Bailey uses materials from the environment and and a combination of techniques which include etching, collagraph, drypoint, mono printing and photos etching. She also has a very clear explanation of some of her process on her website. Her use of plant materials to create backgrounds along with textured layers of collographed prints is inspiring and I will refer back to her work later on in this module.

Carol MacDonald 

Carol MacDonald’s work is very interesting as she draws and prints the process of knitting, using knitted samples to print from and adding drawings. She combines monoprinting with drawing, building up layers and often using the ghost print in the prices to produce some beautiful and delicate prints.  I love the effect and look forward to trying out some varied textures to include knitting, embroidery and fabrics to imprint texture in my monoprinting.


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