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Printmaking 1 Assignment One Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria points Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills I feel fairly confident about my visual awareness, design and compositional skills to the extent that I was continually frustrated at what I was producing as I did not have the technical skills to execute […]

Printmaking 1 Part 1 Assignment 1

Part One of Printmaking 1 was an introduction to the monoprinting technique through a series of exercises and projects aimed at building up experience and skills of a variety of techniques ¬†culminating in Project 4 which involved combining ideas and techniques. We were asked to make a selection of prints to submit for assessment. Project […]

Project 4 Textured and combination monoprints – final prints

My last printing sessions left me frustrated as I had ideas in my head of what I wanted to end up with but I found it difficult to bring all the elements of the prints together to create a pleasing result. I went through so much ink and paint, all by best paper and all […]

Project 4 Textured and combination monoprints – first prints

There was quite a time lag between generating some ideas for my final prints and then trying out the ideas in print which was a bad idea as I had lost enthusiasm! I didn’t feel very excited about my initial plans but decided to try out my ideas nonetheless with varying degrees of success. 1. […]

Project 4 Textured and combination monoprints – ideas and plans

For the last project for assignment 1, we were asked to create a series of four different prints from our own subjects and imagination, each one combining two or more of the techniques practised throughout this assignment. ¬† I started off by looking back through my work and tried to think of four contrasting subjects […]