Project 4 Textured and combination monoprints – ideas and plans

For the last project for assignment 1, we were asked to create a series of four different prints from our own subjects and imagination, each one combining two or more of the techniques practised throughout this assignment.  

I started off by looking back through my work and tried to think of four contrasting subjects which would lend themselves to a variety of techniques.

My initial ideas were to create the following:

1. A cityscape using masks for the buildings, textures for the sky and then back drawn detail of tree and windows.

2. A backdrawn monoprint of figures on a textured/masked background.

3. An abstract print using masks, textured background and back drawn detail.

4. A still life of a row of cups or pots on a shelf created by printing masked cups with wiped off detail 


I set about doing various sketches and collages to get some ideas and plan how I was going to achieve the results I had in mind.


1. Cityscape:

I had an overall idea so made a collage to consider layout. 

IMG 3245

IMG 3229




































This postcard gave some ideas for a silhouetted cityscape

IMG 3227



















So I made another collage….

IMG 3228

























Then I made some sketches from photos I had taken to get some ideas for the detail:

IMG 3230

























IMG 3231

























IMG 3232

























IMG 3233

























IMG 3234

























2. Figures: 

I planned to crete some back drawn monoprints of people and started off with some sketches from some of my photos.

IMG 3235

























IMG 3236

























IMG 3237



















I liked this photo of my son with some friends and decided to experiment with some back drawing using this figures. 

IMG 3225

























I traced the outline of the photos first…

IMG 2767

First attempt to create back drawn mono print from the image:

IMG 2882

3. Abstract: I started off by playing about with some cut out shapes which I then added some detailing to.abstract – 50s inspired -backdrawn detail – think more about negative space

IMG 3238


























IMG 3239

























Other ideas:


IMG 3240



















IMG 2815

4. Still life: Some ideas for composition and detailing

IMG 3241

























IMG 3242

























IMG 3243






















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