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Project 4 – A Review

Project 4 – A Review Did you manage to ‘make space move’? I carried out the exercises with the squares and recognised the effect of object placement in making an arrangement lively etc and then applied these principles in my following work. I found it tremendously helpful when using a viewing square to identify arrangements […]

Stage 4 Developing design ideas

Stage 4 Developing design ideas With my initial drawings in front of me, I redrew different parts of them onto a piece of A3 paper, in black ink. I kept going until I had filled the whole sheet with the shapes. I then added colour using watercolour pencils and black ink to add texture. As […]

Stage 3 Selecting from your drawings

Stage 3 Selecting from your drawings As suggested in the manual, I laid out my previous work and sketchbook work, looking for interesting arrangements, with the aid of a viewing frame. In my sketchbook, I have been doing lots of doodling, inspired by some of the Japanese prints I see around me. I was particularly […]

Exercise 4

Exercise 4 For this exercise I set up a group of objects which included: two Japanese tea cannisters of differing heights; a wooden Japanese doll and a Sayonara doll. I liked the differing heights, colours and patterns but they all had similar cylindrical shapes which unified them. I looked at the arrangement through a viewfinder and […]

Exercise 3

Exercise 3 I enjoyed this exercise and managed to complete three more drawings based on the same arrangement. I tried to keep the emphasis on the surface texture throughout. The first drawing was completed with coloured pencils, the second with watercolour pencils on wet paper and the third was a collage using coloured papers, teabags […]

Exercise 2

Exercise 2 For this exercise, I decided to emphasise the surface texture, while hinting the colour with a watercolour wash and loosely depicting the shape. The surface texture was important as I would later like to develop this in stitch. I felt that this worked well and would also like to develop this in the printing […]

Looking for shapes and drawing Exercise 1

Exercise 1 Using the viewing frame and the wrapping paper, I went on to complete several drawings, concentrating on different aspects of the marked off area. First drawing: Firstly I did a simple sketch using black pen to show the surface textures. I concentrated on simple broken lines which I thought could later be used […]

Stage 2 Looking for shapes and drawing

Stage 2 Looking for shapes and drawing For these exercises, I chose a piece of wrapping paper which had some interesting motifs. I spent some time with a 5cm square viewing frame, investigating different arrangements. I chose four different views and then set about representing them in different ways. I used watercolour pencils and black […]

Stage 1 Introduction and preparation

Project 4 Developing design ideas Stage 1 Introduction and preparation The first exercise was about ‘making space move’. I arranged the squares as instructed to create different kinds of energy. The exercise was easy as it only involved following instructions but was a useful way of demonstrating how certain orderly arrangements of shapes are calm […]