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Tutor Report Assignment 3

Tutor Report The project work you have completed shows the extent to which you are beginning to recognize the development of a personal style and a particular way of working and you clearly recognize this from the entries in your learning log. There is a clear link between work in your sketchbook and the identification […]

Research Point – Consider why craft-produced textiles maintain a place in our society

Consider why craft-produced textiles maintain a place in our society ‘Craft is an extraordinary thing of wonder; encompassing skill, creativity, artistry and emotion with thought, process, practicality and function. It is one of the purist forms of expression.’ Tricia Guild Despite the availability of mass-produced, cheap textiles and the power of the high-street retailers, hand-crafted […]

Research Point – Investigate the diversity of style and design in textiles available to the consumer

‘Investigate the diversity of style and design in textiles’ available to the consumer.’   Textiles are a fundamental part of our everyday lives and it doesn’t take much research to appreciate the huge diversity of textiles available to the consumer.  All we have to do is wander into any high street fashion store or interiors […]

Theme Book and Final Assignment

Thoughts on my Theme Book… As I near the end of my three years in Japan, it is fitting for my theme book to be centred round some aspect of life in Japan.  I have been soaking up so much of the Arts and Culture of Japan and have collected a huge amount of photos; […]

Assignment 3 A Reflective Commentary

How does working with fabric in this way compare with working directly with stitch? Working with fabric to create shapes and three-dimensional forms offers so many more  possibilities and the variety of techniques available and products such as Tyvec and Bondaweb opens up so many avenues for exploration.  Stitching can be used in conjunction with […]

Assignment 3 My Sketchbook

Stage 4 Raised and structured surface textures – Final Sample

Having tried out lots of interesting techniques and had fun on the way, I was disappointed with the last exercise, which did not inspire me one bit.  We were asked to use a pain piece of fabric approximately 30 cm square, preferably calico and then work with this piece of fabric to allow shapes and […]