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Tutor Report Assignment 5

  Overall Comments   This final assignment demonstrates a good level of visual fluency and a confident and appropriate choice and use of suitable techniques, processes and materials with which to realize your intentions. The quality of your chosen final piece shows that you are very capable of producing work of a good standard and […]


Stage 4 Making your textile piece

Stage 4 Making your Textile Piece I have decided to work with one of the panels as my final piece and chose this one which included a variety of shibori and katazome samples and a mixture of sashiko stitching. I collected together the relevant textile pieces which I had already dyed and cut them into […]

Stage 3 Developing your design

Stage 3 Developing your Design So far these are my ideas about my final piece: – Bags – possible end-product – look at examples of bags – how are they constructed? – Idea = design 4 pieces and bottom piece to be sewn together to make bag – Consider function – strengthen old linen by […]

Stage 2 Focusing on your theme book

Stage 2: Focusing on your Theme Book Having got some ideas for using techniques practised during the course, I then got out the Theme Book which I have been adding to over the last few months.  It has turned out as a kind of pictorial journal of my time exploring Japanese textiles whilst living in […]

Stage 1 Reviewing your work so far

Stage 1 Reviewing your work so far I have been looking forward to their final assignment and I have been working towards it for some time.  During my last year in Japan I accumulated a lot of material for my theme book, all based on Japanese culture and Japanese textiles in particular.  I started concentrating […]