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Mother’s Hands Exhibition in Kita-Kamakura

I was so lucky to get to this exhibition as it was only on for a few days and a friend-of-a-friend passed on the details. It was held in a wonderful old Japanese private house-turned museum and my friend and I a couple of hours there taking in the beautiful textiles and general ambience of […]

Tokyo International Great Quilt Fair – a report

This was my favourite piece of textile art at the Quilt Fair Research Point Is there a theme? The Quilt Fair is a huge exhibition of Textile Art – mostly Quilts and had a number of themes and categories.  There were categories for prizes e.g. best framed work.  There were other categories of Traditional Quilts, […]

Photos for inspiration

I wrote the following on 18th January but must have forgotten to hit the ‘publish’ button!  Just found it as a draft!  I’ll try again! I have been reading and re-reading the course notes, getting my head round; what goes into a learning log; what goes into a sketchbook; the pros and cons of different […]

Working with a Camera

Whenever I go out, I take a small point-and-shoot camera out with me. Many of my photos I put on my blog http://www.thebeautifulhomecomapny/wp. Sometimes I take my DSLR Nikon D7000. Santa bought me a macro lens for Christmas and I am loving being able to get closer to my subject. I am inspired by colour […]