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Assignment 3 My Sketchbook

Working from sketchbooks 2

Well I have read the notes for Stage 4 Working from your sketchbooks and am a little confused as to what to do. I decided not to think too much about it. I looked through my work and picked out some drawings which I thought I could work on. I then did a series of […]

Working from Sketchbooks

Well I have now reached Stage 4 but what do I need to do apart from reviewing the last 3 stages? As far as I can make out, I need to go through my work looking for images particularly rich in texture. Well, as far as I am concerned they are all rich in texture […]

Experiments with bleach

Here are the results of some experiments with bleach, which I found strangely satisfying. I daubed a black paper napkin with bleach and watched the colour slowly change. I had read about turning paper into a leather-like material by scrunching up with oil and then flattening, so I had a go. I then decided to […]

Drawing practice

While I was waiting for my course materials to arrive, I completed the assignments for Peter Stanyer’s Taster Drawing course.  I had signed up for it prior to enrolling on the OCA course when I was looking at different options.  It was a good way to get eased into drawing again after a lapse of […]