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Research Point: Investigating the work of the Textile Artist

How do you think the work of the textile artist differs from that of the designer, the designer-maker or the craftsperson?   I gave this question much thought as there is a lot of overlap and it really depends on the individual maker: what they produce; the techniques they use; how and where they market […]


Research Point – Consider why craft-produced textiles maintain a place in our society

Consider why craft-produced textiles maintain a place in our society ‘Craft is an extraordinary thing of wonder; encompassing skill, creativity, artistry and emotion with thought, process, practicality and function. It is one of the purist forms of expression.’ Tricia Guild Despite the availability of mass-produced, cheap textiles and the power of the high-street retailers, hand-crafted […]

Research Point – Investigate the diversity of style and design in textiles available to the consumer

‘Investigate the diversity of style and design in textiles’ available to the consumer.’   Textiles are a fundamental part of our everyday lives and it doesn’t take much research to appreciate the huge diversity of textiles available to the consumer.  All we have to do is wander into any high street fashion store or interiors […]

Research Point Assignment 2

Research Point Assignment 2 For this research point I chose a textile piece that I have owned now for more than 20 years. It is a Kalaga I bought when I lived in Singapore but found it when holidaying in Thailand and then had framed in Singapore. It has always hung in my living room […]

Tokyo International Great Quilt Fair – a report

This was my favourite piece of textile art at the Quilt Fair Research Point Is there a theme? The Quilt Fair is a huge exhibition of Textile Art – mostly Quilts and had a number of themes and categories.  There were categories for prizes e.g. best framed work.  There were other categories of Traditional Quilts, […]