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Tutor Report Assignment 5

  Overall Comments   This final assignment demonstrates a good level of visual fluency and a confident and appropriate choice and use of suitable techniques, processes and materials with which to realize your intentions. The quality of your chosen final piece shows that you are very capable of producing work of a good standard and […]


Tutor Report Assignment 4

Overall Comments This is a very sound assignment in which you have demonstrated your commitment to mastering and then exploring the potential of several new techniques. The work you have sent me shows an appropriate choice and sensitive handling of a range of yarns and threads and a willingness to experiment with some more unconventional […]

Tutor Report Assignment 3

Tutor Report The project work you have completed shows the extent to which you are beginning to recognize the development of a personal style and a particular way of working and you clearly recognize this from the entries in your learning log. There is a clear link between work in your sketchbook and the identification […]

Tutor Report Assignment 2

Overall Comments You have undertaken a good range of experimentation with the visual elements, demonstrating a sound understanding of the basic principles of composition. An emerging strength is your ability to recognize appropriate starting points for the development of your ideas and to work systematically towards realizing your intentions. A key development with this assignment […]

Tutor Report Assignment 1

Overall Comments Your work for this assignment indicates that you have made good links between, expressive mark making and interpreting surface qualities through stitch. The selection of a range of images to work from suggests that you already have a good level of visual awareness as well as an understanding of design and compositional skills. […]