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Project 4 Textured and combination monoprints – first prints

There was quite a time lag between generating some ideas for my final prints and then trying out the ideas in print which was a bad idea as I had lost enthusiasm! I didn’t feel very excited about my initial plans but decided to try out my ideas nonetheless with varying degrees of success. 1. […]

A Reflective Commentary

A Reflective Commentary I have really enjoyed working for this final assignment.  I feel that I have drawn on past projects and design processes in forming and reformulating my design ideas for my final piece.  I was able to collate lots of information about Japanese textiles which enabled me to put together a theme book […]

Experimenting with creating 3D Forms

Experimenting with 3D Forms Here are some 3D structures I experimented with: Firstly, I wrapped some rice in a plastic bag and covered with cling film.  Then I  tied twine across it, using Soumak knots to change direction, building up the structure.  Then I covered the piece in three layers of diluted PVA glue, allowing […]