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Tapestry Weaving – visit to West Dean

West Dean Tapestry Studio On my return to UK, I tried to find some introductory weaving courses as I was approaching this part of the module and felt i needed some help.  I was really pleased to find that the timing was right to attend a course at West Dean College. I enrolled on ‘Experimental […]

Stage 3 Applied fabric techniques – Inspired by Jude Hill, a Sashiko workshop and a workshop with Gwen Hedley

This Stage asks us to try out lots of different techniques used to apply fabric pieces and I was really looking forward to trying out some techniques for the first time. I have worked with patchwork, piecing fabrics together using applique and then quilting in the past.  More recently I have been subscribing to Jude […]

Project 5 Painting and Printing Stage 3 (cont)

During the last two days at Preniac, we were encouraged to develop our ideas from our sketches and experiments with printing and painting.  I decided to concentrate on the visit to Cahors as I was fascinated by the buildings there, the iron railings and balconies, and fading painted signs, overlaid with contemporary graffiti.  I used […]

‘Flavours of France’ with Gwen Hedley at Studio Preniac

I had hoped to complete Assignment Two before I returned to UK in July but it was really hectic so I took the materials I could with me to England and then France.  Whilst on holiday I was inspired hugely by the French markets and scenery and took lots of photographs which I have added […]

My progress report

My Progress Report Well, I got very behind with my learning blog but that isn’t because I haven’t been working. On the contrary, I have been working very hard – just find it difficult to keep blogging though I know I must get myself into some kind of a routine. The last few days I […]

Jackson Pollock – A Centennial Retrospective

The first Pollock exhibition ever held in Japan I have just home back from the first day of the Jackson Pollock Exhibition held at The National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. I am buzzing! The exhibition was fantastic and very inspiring. 70 of Pollocks works, including his early work during his student days, […]

Ikebana, an exercise in concentration and focus

In Japan, those who have mastered an Art or Craft, whether it be: Wood-carving; Weaving; Ceramics; Calligraphy; Tea Ceremony or Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), are held in great respect. Some are elevated to the title of “Living National Treasure’. I love the idea of these ‘treasures’. There is much less a divide between ‘Art’ and […]