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Tapestry Weaving – visit to West Dean

West Dean Tapestry Studio On my return to UK, I tried to find some introductory weaving courses as I was approaching this part of the module and felt i needed some help.  I was really pleased to find that the timing was right to attend a course at West Dean College. I enrolled on ‘Experimental […]

Stage 3 Applied fabric techniques – Inspired by Jude Hill, a Sashiko workshop and a workshop with Gwen Hedley

This Stage asks us to try out lots of different techniques used to apply fabric pieces and I was really looking forward to trying out some techniques for the first time. I have worked with patchwork, piecing fabrics together using applique and then quilting in the past.  More recently I have been subscribing to Jude […]

Project 5 Painting and Printing Stage 3 (cont)

During the last two days at Preniac, we were encouraged to develop our ideas from our sketches and experiments with printing and painting.  I decided to concentrate on the visit to Cahors as I was fascinated by the buildings there, the iron railings and balconies, and fading painted signs, overlaid with contemporary graffiti.  I used […]

‘Flavours of France’ with Gwen Hedley at Studio Preniac

I had hoped to complete Assignment Two before I returned to UK in July but it was really hectic so I took the materials I could with me to England and then France.  Whilst on holiday I was inspired hugely by the French markets and scenery and took lots of photographs which I have added […]

My progress report

My Progress Report Well, I got very behind with my learning blog but that isn’t because I haven’t been working. On the contrary, I have been working very hard – just find it difficult to keep blogging though I know I must get myself into some kind of a routine. The last few days I […]

Jackson Pollock – A Centennial Retrospective

The first Pollock exhibition ever held in Japan I have just home back from the first day of the Jackson Pollock Exhibition held at The National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. I am buzzing! The exhibition was fantastic and very inspiring. 70 of Pollocks works, including his early work during his student days, […]

Ikebana, an exercise in concentration and focus

In Japan, those who have mastered an Art or Craft, whether it be: Wood-carving; Weaving; Ceramics; Calligraphy; Tea Ceremony or Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), are held in great respect. Some are elevated to the title of “Living National Treasure’. I love the idea of these ‘treasures’. There is much less a divide between ‘Art’ and […]

Eiheiji Temple

Eiheiji, the ‘temple of eternal peace’, is one of Soto Zen’s two head temples. It is located deep in the mountains near the west coast of Japan. It is a beautiful, spiritual place and I enjoyed wandering around the many rooms amongst the monks who were carrying out their ‘walking meditation’. Although we were not […]

Kutaniyaki Art Museum

On my tour, I visited the Kutaniyami Art Museum, where there was a wonderful display of Kutani porcelain. Kanazawa started producing porcelain in the 17th Century, having learned the craft from craftsmen in Kyoto. The five main glazes used are red (antimony), yellow (rouge), green (copper oxide), blue (cobalt oxide) and purple (manganese oxide). Later […]

Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum

Whilst in Kanazawa, I visited the Yasue Gold Leaf Museum. I’m mentioning it here on my Learning Blog because I was amazed to learn about the lengthy process used to make gold leaf and the old machinery and tools still being used today. Almost all golf leaf made in Japan is produced in Kamazawa. In […]